In Cold Hell: Directed by Christoph Schrewe. With Rhys Ifans, Leland Orser, Keke Palmer, Ismael Cruz Cordova. Valerie and B.B. rally the support of the 14-EYES, a powerful intelligence collective. Kirsch and April, using Sofia as bait, trap Sergei. Kirsch offers to swap Sergei for Daniel. April comes clean to her asset, securing the tech for U.S. interests. Esther activates Bruno, a German Special Operator, to locate Daniel. Frost introduces Torres to Hector, whose new identity as a roofer to oligarchs provides a way to infiltrate the Russian elite. Frost investigates one the soldiers formerly under Krik’s command to gain kompromat from his war days.

Watch “Берлинская резидентура” In Cold Hell (TV Episode 2019)