Determination: With Jim Cummings, Robert Foxworth, Khrystyne Haje, Eriq La Salle. Zach and Annie go mountain-biking in the woods, but Zach’s bike overturns and he sprains his ankle. Annie decides to stick with him since he can’t walk or ride on it, and gets him not to think about their being stranded by retelling the Greek fable “Proetus” Plato told them, where a Greek king had to use all his willpower and strength to allow himself and his soldiers to return home. When Annie worries that they will have no chance of making their way out, Zach retells from Plato’s collection the true story of Jinkswoitmaya, about a Native American who worked to save geologist explorer C.H. Claudy against seemingly-impossible odds from falling off an Alaskan mountain.

Watch “Приключения из книги добродетелей” Determination (TV Episode 1998)