Malediven: Directed by Christoph Klünker. The dream ship cruises to the Maldives, where it will be boarded by its new hotel director Hanna Liebhold,. who was delayed by her successor’s broken leg longer at her former job, managing a luxury island resort. Ilona and Roland Michel is aboard, wrongly expected to bail out by his now thrice-divorced, ever-bickering true youth love Ilona, who hence came with her new lover, hotel owner Benno. Roland befriends young heiress Bella, who ‘posthumously accepts an invitation’ from recently deceased father Achim to the Malediven to meet his second love. On the Maldives Benno learns to appreciate the devotion of his native hotel deputy Amita while Ilona and Roland might make up. Reserved goldsmith Marie becomes lovers with junior professor Sönke, having convinced him she made a pendant for a client from one of the Portuguese gold coins he showed during a lecture aboard on colonial galleys sunk near the archipelago, but Marie grows jealous of his efforts to acquire it from Hanna, who got it from Achim. Bellas meanwhile gets the captain to preside over a memorial ceremony and flirts with diving instructor Jean-Luc, who closes his school for her so the cruising director can’t take lessons which worried the ship doctor anyway and a ray fish causes a medical emergency.

Watch “Das Traumschiff” Malediven (TV Episode 2018)