Devi Maa: Directed by Ramanarayanan. With Meena, Charan Raj, Ramki, Senthil. Shankar lives a wealthy lifestyle in India along with his wife, Savitri. When Savitri fails to conceive, her mother prays to Devi Maa Durga, who is pleased and bestows a baby girl, who they subsequently name Satya, on the condition that Savitri donate her Mangal Sutra to the Devi Maa Mandir. After several months Savitri does return to the Mandir, but instead of donating the Mangal Sutra, she decides to donate an expensive necklace through the hands of Satya. While doing so, Satya falls in the donation clothing. Devi Maa devotees want Satya to stay in the temple, but Shankar and Savitri refuse to let this happen, they leave and re-locate to another city. This angers Devi Maa who decides to teach Savitri a lesson, and keeps on appearing sometimes as a flower-seller, other times as a dancer/singer, and finally as Satya’s school-teacher and keeps on reminding Savitri of her promise to surrender Satya to her care. A perplexed Shankar hires a man named Asur Raj to drive away Devi Maa, little knowing that Satya was born to eliminate Asur Raj, and that Asur Raj has sworn to kill Satya by any and all means. Watch what happens when a disheartened Devi Maa decides to turn to stone and refuses to hear the pleas of her devotees, leaving Asur Raj to summon a demon from hell as well as carry out his gruesome task of killing Satya and anyone who dares to oppose him.

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