Die grüne Insel – Eine Zeitreise nach Irland: Directed by Beatrice von Schilling. With Regina Münch. For many years the Emerald Isle was considered the poor man of Europe. But over recent years Ireland has experienced unprecedented growth, making it today the wealthiest state in the EU and the number one IT location in Europe. Many Germans have also decided to settle there. Ireland is the country where big city style coexists with idyllic rural scenes, where the rugged cliffs of the coastline gives way to gentle hills inland, and where historic reminiscences are closely entwined with vibrant, modern culture. This unique mixture has made Ireland one of the favorite destinations for German emigrants and holidaymakers ever since the 1950s. The film-maker Beatrice von Schilling sets off to track down the most fascinating and picturesque places throughout the Emerald Isle.

Watch Die grüne Insel – Eine Zeitreise nach Irland (TV Movie 2009)