Hearst-Selig News Pictorial, No. 30: With Grace Darling, Ishi, Barney Oldfield, Curt von Morgen. Harrisburg, Pa: Ten thousand advocates of local option come to Harrisburg and march to state Capitol. New York: Motorcycle Officer Carney regulates traffic over Manhattan Bridge, place where more vehicles pass than any other point in world. San Francisco: Grace Darling visits Ishi, the famous old chief, last of the California Indians who has been an object of scientific study. Then she takes a ninety mile an hour jaunt with Barney Oldfield. New Highlands, Mass: Children armed with oil cans greet spring by going to swamps and low lands and pouring oil on nesting place of mosquitoes. Bolimow: Gen. von Morgen and staff ride towards Russian lines during battle. Near Athens: Red Cross ship Erin, famous steam yacht of Sir Thomas Lipton, passes through Corinth canal on voyage from Messina to Athens, on its way for relief work in Serbia. Faroe Island, Denmark: Newest type German Zeppelin driven by storm lands in Faroe Island total wreck and is guarded by Danish soldiers. San Diego: Ten thousand persons gather on exposition grounds on Easter Sunday to hear first open air rendition in America of the Creation. Washington: The annual children’s frolic, the egg rolling on the White House lawn, brings forth hundreds of happy little ones. The 1915 baseball season opens. Scenes and players from many cities, posed pictures of some of the leagues’ new managers and the actual playing of the opening game of the year make this a big number for millions of American fans.

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