Fall of the Snow Titans 2: Directed by Kok-Leung Kuk. With Cheng Bian, Shaofeng Feng, Beibi Gong, Kim Hee-seon. To protect his beloved brother Ka Suo, Ying Kong Shi accidentally displays his hidden magical power but hurts Xin Jue. The angry Fire King decides to attack the Snow Nation, and secretly seek helps from his former love Lian Ji, Ying Kong Shi’s mother. At the same time, human warriors guarding the Snow Nation discover a mysterious fire sources that’ burning the Icy Curtain, the Nation’s ancient fortification. To make up his mistakes, Shi volunteers to wake up the sacred Sword Godsban.

Watch “Huan Cheng” Fall of the Snow Titans 2 (TV Episode 2016)