The Dogs of War: Directed by Steve Hughes. With Jonathan Bailey, Clayton Boyd, James Clyde, James Cuningham. The wounded Placidi tells Leonardo all the murderous things De Medici has done and Leonardo takes him back to the studio,where he hides him,confronting De Medici. Whilst Medici admits everything he is overheard by Rocco but Medici has bribed the guards to imprison Rocco,Macchiavelli and Leonardo,planning to kill Rocco and blame Macchiavelli and Leonardo,whom he will denounce as Milanese spies. Fortunately Lorenzo has been informed of the truth by Placidi and releases all three. They hurry to the city square to destroy the super-weapon,of which De Medici has taken charge and,thanks to Lisa,it is put out of action. However there will be a brace of duels and a hard decision for Lorenzo before Florence can celebrate peace.

Watch “Leonardo” The Dogs of War (TV Episode 2012)