Last Train to Pixley: Directed by Elliott Lewis. With Edgar Buchanan, June Lockhart, Linda Henning, Mike Minor. With Floyd retiring, the people of the valley have a problem in finding another engineer to run the Cannonball. Having only limited experience doing the job, Joe volunteers regardless. Joe decides to make some changes, most specifically having a rigid schedule that only makes pick-ups and drop-offs at designated stops, which is not the way most of the people in the valley operate. In turn, what that means is that Joe often runs the train without any passengers, much to the anger of the many people who missed the train or who Joe wouldn’t pick-up. That may be the least of the problems as a Mr. Bellingham, a representative of the C & FW Railroad, has come to inform the people of the valley that Floyd’s retirement also means the retirement of the Cannonball. The only way to save the Cannonball is to find the missing documentation that lays out the agreement between the railroad and the people of the valley as to the Cannonball’s operation. While they look, everyone reminisces about what the Cannonball has meant to the people of the valley.

Watch “Petticoat Junction” Last Train to Pixley (TV Episode 1970)