Pies de gato: Directed by Rogelio A. González. With Luis Aguilar, Georgina Barragán, Fernando Casanova, Berta Cervera. Conde Diego de Sáuz, had made his daughter give up her son ‘Marcos de la Cruz’, who’s father was Juan, Mariana the Conde’s daughter then didn’t agree to marry the Marquez of Valle Alegre, her father then moved away to Spain taking mariana with him. Juan became an outlaw and the lider of “Los Dorados” a gang of Thiefs who robbed the rich to help the poor. Captain Valdez found the way to deceive Juan and make him believe that he was a good man and convinced him to give him half the money he stole so that he can help the poor, Captain Marquez also appointed Evaristo (a wanted criminal) under the alias of Pedro Sanchez in charge of the stagewagon guard. He was to steal from the passengers and give him the money. Meanwhile Captain Marquez daughter fell in love with Juan’s son, Marcos. These events evolve in the story.

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