Swalef Tafash: With Ali Al-Ghurair, Ahmed Issa, Khalil Al-Rumaithi, Salwa Jarrash. The new comedy series Sowalef Tafash reflects through its thirty episodes the daily life and neighborhood interactions in the Gulf during the period between the forties and fifties, of the last century. Although some episodes throw light over the current social situation, the screening of the whole series, however, is inspired by the nature of the popular and traditional life which characterized the Arab Gulf states during that era. Tafash, a dreamer young man is trying hard to get a decent job, in order to be able to marry his beloved Adhari, the daughter of his neighbors; Abu Adhari, the village barber and his bossy wife. Trying to conquer the difficulties of life with the helping hand of his loyal friend Jassum, Tafash puts himself – as well as others – indiscriminately into more unexpected troubles. None of their neighbors and friends are quite safe of their non-welcome disasters. Up to ten key characters emerge along the stories being told through the episodes, in addition to minor and assistant characters. The appearance of special guest TV stars does not let the series run into monotony and makes each episode as special. Ensuring to draw a smile on our viewers’ faces with all age groups and diversity of tastes, Sowalef Tafash team hopes to gain admiration and satisfaction of all viewers.

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