Breaking the rules to fix the Constitution: With Graham Ledger. In the United States Senate – the so-called world’s most deliberative body – there are a myriad of arcane rules that may or may not be part of the upper-chamber’s 229 year history. Cloture is one such rule. It requires that there must be 60 affirmative votes to end debate over any issue or bill. Cloture.. is what makes the detestable Chuck Schumer the defacto Senator majority leader. Schumer and company can hold up virtually any piece of the Trump or Republican agenda by simply ensuring that his 46 Democrats, plus two Independents who vote Democrat, stick together. If and when they the Democrats do, Republicans in the Senate do not have the 60-votes. Therefore – Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, tax reform, increased defense spending, more monies to secure the border, and so on – are “all” D-O-A. They will never pass. So- What to do? Well, there is another rule that Mitch McConnell can invoke. This one is the “two speech” rule which limits endless debate and could, possibly neuter any filibuster attempt. However – there’s no guarantee that it will work. But- There is one guaranteed maneuver that will stifle Schumer’s legislative obstructionism. Change the rules. Just change them. We have a country to save and Constitutional principles to repair. Indeed, in the big picture, breaking a procedural Senate rule is a small price to pay for restoring liberty for “we the people”.##

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