Engel links, Teufel rechts: Directed by Sascha Koszinowski, Wolfgang Münstermann, Christoph Heininger. With Stefanie Bock, Till Demtrøder, Wolfram Grandezka, Isa Jank. Daniel worries about Andi, fearing the graffiti incident may mean an early midlife crisis, and suggests by way of a birthday present to take up a challenge, like the US motorbike voyage. Andi pretends to aim for a crazy world record. To Ansgar’s amusement, Hagen’s return from honeymoon is deeply trouble: the stud farm’s main projected income, Dionysios’s semen, is unfit. Dana claims the only option is training their next winer ahead of schedule, but during her own workout she nearly faints. Sebastian repeats to Tanja their marriage is incompatible with plotting against Clarissa, who seducing her into playing a dirty trick against designer Sonya.

Watch “Verbotene Liebe” Engel links, Teufel rechts (TV Episode 2012)