Episode #20.79: With Bill Barberis, Nawfel Bardad-Daidj, Muriel Bats, Janine Bischops. Frank didn’t want to do the renovations at Luc and Julia’s house, but Sam takes the job anyway. Julia feels a bit excluded when she sees Simonne and Sam together. Peter has a proposition for Simonne. She will buy Peggy’s shares with Femke’s money. After that, she will pay Femke back with the shares, so Peggy won’t know Femke bought the shares. Simonne goes for the deal. There’s a lot of tension between Ann, Mayra and Marianne. Since Marianne wants Geert to bleed with the divorce, it seems more likely she wants him back, while Geert is done with Marianne after all that happened. Sam has a lot of questions. Tim thinks she might find the answers with her real parents, but she’s not sure if she’s ready for that. Peggy slowly starts to see again. Lowie isn’t studying very hard.

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