Severino: Directed by Claus Dobberke. With Gojko Mitic, Violeta Andrei, Constantin Fugasin, Mircea Anghelescu. Severino returns to his tribe – the Manzeneros, who live on the edge of the Argentinian Andes – after being gone for 10 years. He has returned to take his younger brother back with him up north, but encounters a host of problems in his home village instead. His father Raymundo, who was on the trail of a gang of white bandits who were stealing cattle from both Indians and settlers, has been recently found dead. A sheep-ranching company turns out to be behind this criminal activity. The company wants to drive the Indians and settlers off the fertile land so that they can purchase it for nothing. Severino decides to remain in his home village to defend it from them, but also because he has fallen in love with Maruja, the granddaughter of the old chief Nicolas, who is filled with hatred against the white settlers. True to form, Nicolas calls for war against the settlers. Severino tries to mediate between the hostile parties. With his own savings, Severino buys back the land that once rightfully belonged to the Indians. In doing so, he not only wins over a number of supporters from his own tribe, but he is also able to unmask the bandits, who had been trying to stir up discord between Whites and Indians. The stubborn chief Nicolas, however, refuses to give up his war plans: in his eyes, Severino is a traitor deserving only death. Maruja now has to save Severino’s life from his own tribe.

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