The Spoiled Girl: Directed by Jack Eaton. With James Montgomery Flagg, Martha Mansfield. James Montgomery Flagg first draws his sketch of the girl, and then tearing it from its frame reveals the real girl lounging in bed with the pouting expression which is her wont. Then we are treated to an exposé of her various moods and selfish acts. For instance, she allows mother to bring breakfast to her in bed, and doesn’t even greet her with a smile nor trouble to thank her. And it is nothing for father and mother to sit up until daylight to open the door for her as she returns from a dance. Finally she demands an automobile so that she will not have to bother with taxis, and in order to grant her wish, some of the household furniture has to be sold. In a tantrum she takes her car and goes to her lover, and the closing scene shows her in a home of her own, making life miserable for a husband.

Watch The Spoiled Girl (Short 1918)