When We Grow Up: Directed by Zorinah Juan. With Catherine Curtin, Grace Hannoy, Mitch Poulos, Clyde Voce. The death of the beloved family dog brings the Barnes siblings back to their parents’ suburban home for the weekend to console their distraught mother. Louise, the youngest sibling, is struggling with the decision to step out of the clear path that has been drawn for her in order to find out what she really wants to do with her life, despite the fear that her mother will disapprove. Maris, the middle child, has made the secret decision to embark on single parenthood using a sperm donor, and now must find the right way and time to tell her family. Elijah, the eldest child, and his wife Irena are deep in the process of filing for the adoption of their first child, which is complicated by the fact that Elijah, as the only black member of his family, has some concerns about how best to start an interracial family of his own. Their parents, Brian and Holly, are having trouble keeping their marriage together, which is made more difficult by Holly’s inability to cope with the loss of her dog.

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