Man of Mercury: Part 1: Directed by Charlie Haskell. With James Beaufort, Caitlin Murphy, Samuell Benta, Rhoda Montemayor. The search for the jewels of the Corona intensifies as the Fearcats, Mig & Cheetar, emerge and seek a jewel to free their army from a prison. They ransack a camp in looking for a jewel. The Fearcats find out they aren’t the only ones looking for a jewel when they run into Miratrix and Kamdor. A fight breaks out and the Fearcats show that they are the more powerful. The Rangers, sans Ronny, show up and they too find that the Fearcats are unstoppable. Tyzonn shows up and gives the Rangers a hand. It is Tyzonn’s mission to chase the Fearcats to their end. Tyzonn takes a hit for the Rangers and the Fearcats run off. The Fearcats talk of their new adversaries, the Power Rangers. The Fearcats plot on using a Ranger to release their army. The Rangers and Tyzonn regroup with Ronny. They all wonder and ask why Tyzonn is here. He tells them he has to stop the Fearcats. The others offer to help but Tyzonn tells them no and runs off. The Rangers feel that there is something that Tyzonn is not telling them. The teens split off and continue their search for that jewel. The Fearcats kidnap Ronny. The others regroup and run into Tyzonn again. Tyzonn knows that the Fearcats plan on using Ronny’s power to release an army of Fearcats. Tied to a post, Ronny helplessly watches as the Fearcats use her tracker to open up the mirror prison. The rest of the Rangers and Tyzonn show up and the battle begins. As the battle continues, Benglo emerges from the mirror. More creatures start to emerge from the mirror. Tyzonn throws the Tracker to Ronny. Ronny morphs and grabs the mirror. Mig runs to stop her but Tyzonn blasts the mirror. The mirror shatters and the Fearcats are enraged. Cheetar uses the last of his energy to grow to mega proportion. The Rangers use their Megazord to battle the giant Cheetar. Mig pulls out a secret weapon and fires it at Tyzonn. Tyzonn explodes into a dozen small mercury balls.

Watch “Боевые Рейнджеры. Операция Молния” Man of Mercury: Part 1 (TV Episode 2007)