Lü Bu Meets His End at White Gate Tower: Directed by Xixi Gao. With Hao Chen, Jianbin Chen, Xiangyin Cheng, Peter Ho. Cao Cao arrives at Lü Bu’s city of Xiapi to discuss peace & try to recruit Lü Bu into his army by flattering him heavily, but Chen Gong hears this and fires an arrow at Cao Cao and forces him to leave. Back at Cao Cao’s base camp Guo Jia has a plot to take the city using the weather. Chen Gong suggests to Lü Bu that he take a portion of the army outside the city & Chen Gong remains behind with the rest of the army to defend Xiapi. If Cao Cao attacks either place they can attack Cao Cao from front & back. Lü Bu agrees with this but Diaochan has fallen ill & Lü Bu will not leave the city while she is ill. It was the rainy season & Cao Cao’s army uses the Yi & Si rivers to flood Xiapi. Chen Gong advises that Lü Bu has only 2 options. Die in the flood, or surrender. Lü Bu refuses to surrender & is later tied up by some of his subordinates while he is sleeping & brought before Cao Cao. Lü Bu pleads for mercy but is sentenced to death. Chen Gong is given the option to serve or die and chooses death. Lü Bu is executed by a volley or arrows, and Chen Gong is led outside the city & executed.

Watch “Троецарствие” Lü Bu Meets His End at White Gate Tower (TV Episode)