Episode #1.9584: With John Aniston, Kyle Brandt, Jason Cook, Vivian Guzman. After Victor’s cocktail party, Shawn in not amused to find Belle and Philip ‘half-naked’, needs to cool down and takes her diving into the mansion pool in underwear- but during his Tarzan-dive at her request loses his boxer shorts. While Rex couldn’t be happier then making love with Mimi, she worries about Rolf’s corps, which body-snatcher Nicole tries to keep out of sight of ever more mistrusting Brady. Roman explains to Marlena how serious her daughter’s soliciting charge is, even concludes she needs a shake-up in jail; arrogant Cassie calls not Tony but Rex, who comes but can only console and privately tells her Roman is their biological father; as it’s too late for a judge to hear bail she is locked up, regardless of claustrophobia. Maya tries her hand with Philip, suggesting they jointly break up the skinny-dipping lovebirds as they each want one. Alerted by Henderson, Victor finds Brady and Nicole just when they’re making peace.

Watch “Days of Our Lives” Episode #1.9584 (TV Episode 2003)