Dar Conta do Recado Part 1: Directed by Santa Martha. With Pedro Moldão, Beatriz Brás, Rodolfo Venâncio, António Teixeira. Rui is a boy who lives with his Grandmother Maria da Glória, since his mother died, in an old quarter of the town where everybody knows everybody else. His best friend is Alex, and they are surprised to see a new face in school – Maria – a girl whose large family just moved to that part of town. After chatting in school, they enjoy her company, and Rui share his prized secret with his two friends. This turns out to be a page from the diary of Rui’s great-grandfather, Arthur, who disappeared mysteriously when he was experimenting with hot-air balloons, in 1944. Rui is determined to find out what happened to his ancestor, and Alex and Maria are eager to help. They keep trying to crack the mystery, but it turns out that several other mysteries they come across in their school and in the neighbors houses will be cracked up first, even if sometimes they need a helpful hand from a teacher, or some other adult.

Watch “Detective Maravilhas” Dar Conta do Recado Part 1 (TV Episode 2007)