His ‘Lordship’s’ Romance: Percy Fitznoodle, in charge of Murphy’s glove counter, one day saw, at a distance, the girl of his dreams. He dreamed of her instead of attending to the customers, and a floorwalker fined him $6.00. Percy was feeling rather blue when he went to lunch, but he met Tom Burke, a stout Lothario, who was feeling rather blue himself, because he was not progressing very well with a love affair. Burke offered to pay Percy liberally if he would pose as Lord Fitznoodle and put in a good word for Burke with the latter’s girl. Percy agreed and accompanied Burke to a lawn party where he learned that the girl Burke was anxious to win was the girl of his own dreams. Instantly he forgot his contract with Burke. After the party was over the girl found out that Percy was a gay deceiver, and to teach him his place, she went to Murphy’s ostensibly to buy a pair of gloves. She succeeded in hurting Percy’s feelings, but as he fitted the gloves their hands met, and in a short time their lips met too.

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