A Most Convenient Convergence: Directed by James Cassidy. With Blake Adams. A Most Convenient Convergence reveals the convergence of technologies that will allow industrial society to consume carbon dioxide from the environment to produce carbon-neutral fuels and carbon-negative plastics and hydrocarbons. We have extensive interviews with the scientists and engineers of ARPA-E’s Electrofuels Program, which is fundamentally changing industrial society, creating ways to store any source of renewable energy and consume carbon dioxide industrially to produce most of what we get now from photosynthesis, from liquid fuel to food. The other branches of our Convergence include a device that economically capture carbon dioxide, hydrogen and oxygen from seawater, flying electrical generators, and wildly efficient non-silicon photovoltaics from a 3D printer. There’s lots of bad news on global warming. A Most Convenient Convergence presents the good news.

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