Birds of the Southern Sea Coast: The alarming decrease which has taken place of late years in the numbers of the sea-fowl which breed on our southern shores gives a peculiar interest to this film. The senseless slaughter of thousands of beautiful herons and egrets for the hairpiece of gratifying the vain desires of a number of unthinking women, has reached the stage of a national disgrace. Popular opinion has been awakened of late years to the necessity of limiting the depredations of unscrupulous plume hunters, and much good has resulted from protective legislation. There is still, however, much to be done and it is our hope that this film may serve to help this movement along, by giving the public an intimate view into the lives and habits of several varieties of these beautiful birds. Most of the sea-fowl pictures have been taken in the neighborhood of Secessionville, S.C. Large nesting colonies of snowy, Louisiana and Little Blue Herons are shown, and closer views give us an insight into the daily habits of the birds, and how they raise and care for their young. Besides the three varieties of Herons, a picture is shown of a large colony of Terns on Vessel Reef in Bull’s Bay, S.C. These trim, gull-like birds are pictures of grace and beauty in the air, and the sight of hundreds of them rising from the ground at once is very impressive.

Watch Birds of the Southern Sea Coast (Short 1913)