For the Love of…: With Jon Ronson, David S. Percy, Barry Reynolds, Matthew Williams. Late night panel/table discussion which journalist Jon Ronson hosts on strange, and occasionally not so strange, topics. Many of the guests are people who claim to participate in or study these topics. On the more mundane side, we hear from people who keep fish, are Sikhs, top models or are fans of Lewis Carroll… on the more exotic side we hear from people who claim to be able to time travel, who French kiss their parrots, hold Diana conspiracy theories and belong to flying saucer religions. Ronson is impartial throughout, and does not tend to criticise his four, five or six guests. He occasionally cracks a joke which goes over their heads, but that’s it. Most of the time the guests are able to give their opinion freely within the allotted time.

Watch For the Love of… (TV Series 1997–1998)