Ernest Maltravers: Directed by Travers Vale. With George Morgan, Louise Vale, Jack Drumier, William Jefferson. Overtaken by darkness, Ernest Maltravers seeks a lodging for the night in the cabin of Darvil, a gypsy robber. Darvil and his comrade, Rigo, plan to kill the stranger for his valuables, but are forestalled by Darvil’s daughter, Alice, who warns Ernest “to flee.” Discovering what she has done, Darvil turns her out into the night. Maltravers finds her alone on the moor, and takes her away. Later, they are secretly married under an assumed name, through Ernest’s fear of disinheritance by his father. A newspaper story to the effect that his father is near death sends him post-haste to the old home, which he reaches just in time. After the funeral he returns to the cottage, but Alice is gone. She has been abducted by her father and Rigo. Eventually she escapes and, unable to find Ernest, wanders with her newborn babe until fate rescues her. Later Maltravers and his wife are brought together.

Watch Ernest Maltravers (Short 1914)