Episode #1.7218: Directed by Tony Gardiner. With Lynne McGranger, Ada Nicodemou, Shane Withington, James Stewart. Ziggy and Dean witness tension between Mackenzie and Bella. Dean talks to Mackenzie, who admits she’s having a hard time with Colby’s lifestyle. Bella has a go at her and tells her to break up with him sooner rather than later; Dean defends Mackenzie but also agrees. Leah tells Irene she shut the blog down because she needed to find a new focus. Justin gets a call from Nina asking him to look after Ava for a while. Ben is upset to find John is keeping an eye on him at the bait shop. Ziggy offers Blake a free surf lesson to get Ben working but he is annoyed when John reveals the truth. Maggie tells him to get some help because she’s done.

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