The Critical List: Directed by Lou Antonio. With Lloyd Bridges, Melinda Dillon, Buddy Ebsen, Barbara Parkins. A two part made for television movie centering on Dr. Dan Lassiter. In the first one, he goes up against a lawyer who likes to sue doctors over the smallest infractions. When the lawyer goes after a doctor whom Dr. Lassiter doesn’t believe is incompetent, he decides to join a campaign against the lawyer, but he discovers something else is going on. In the second, the President wants to appoint him to a government position, but an old friend who is looking into the governments mishandling of funds intended for underprivileged, tells him of what he is doing, and that maybe the President is aware of this, and prefers to keep it under wraps, and being an honorable man, Lassiter tries to look into it, but there are people who will do anything to stop him, and that includes silence him, permanently.

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