The Wild Cat Well: With Lillian Walker, Norma Talmadge. Frank Hurley is trying to win the affections of Lillian Farmswell, but he has a worthy and successful rival in Jack Tarbell, a hard working fellow, who has saved considerable money and is looking about for a chance to invest it. Lillian’s father favors Hurley, who is considered wealthy, while Jack is comparatively poor. Hurley hears that Jack is looking about for an investment and induces him to purchase a “Wild Cat,” or a supposedly useless well. Jack and Lillian have an understanding if he strikes oil they will get married at the “shooting” of the well, in case his services are needed in a professional capacity. The young prelate accepts the invitation. At Jack’s signal, a whistle, Lillian drops the “Go-Devil” into the well, and after the smoke had died away, oil bursts forth in a steady stream and shoots high into the air. Hurley, foiled in his plot, cannot disguise his disappointment and displeasure and while he is trying to explain matters about the “valuable” property he had sold to his friend Tarbell, Lillian and Jack are being married on the spot, by Jack’s friend, the clergyman. After the ceremony Mr. Farmswell comes forward and congratulates Jack and gives his blessing to the young couple.

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