From Up Here: Directed by Phil Abraham. With Mireille Enos, Joel Kinnaman, Elias Koteas, Hugh Dillon. With the execution of Ray Seward and Joe Mills about to be charged with the death of the young women, Linden and Holder try to put their lives back together. Linden renews her relationship with an old friend. Holder attends Bullet’s funeral and then tries to make things right with his girlfriend Caroline. He also makes amends with his old partner, Carl Reddick. The detectives are called to the scene of a murder after firemen find a body inside a burnt out car. The coroner identifies the victim as a female who died sometime the previous day from a gunshot to the head. Whoever did it took out all of her teeth – and her ring finger is missing though it’s a somewhat older injury. They think they have found Angie Gower. Holder thinks the only person who would have known about Joe Mills and who could have planted the rings to frame Mills would be another cop. Linden figures out how Adrian Seward was able to complete his drawings. At the prison, Becker tells Henderson that he’s decided to retire.

Watch “Убийство” From Up Here (TV Episode 2013)