Who Goes There?: Directed by William P.S. Earle. With Harry T. Morey, Corinne Griffith, Arthur Donaldson, Mary Maurice. During World War I, Kervyn Guild, an American citizen who was born in Belgium, is captured with other Belgian refugees by the Germans. Brought before the commanding officer, General Von Reiter, Guild is offered his own freedom as well as that of the other refugees if he goes to London and returns with the officer’s daughter, Karen Girard, who actually is his mistress. In the hope of saving lives, Guild consents and is sent to London where he locates Karen. Guild’s suspicions are aroused when he notices that they are being protected by the German agents and hunted by the British. His instincts prove correct when he learns that Karen is carrying dispatches to the general. On their journey back, Karen falls in love with Guild and agrees to join the Belgian cause. Before they can escape, the general arrives and demands both Karen and the papers. Guild duels to defend both and fatally wounds the general. In a breach of military ethics, the dying general then gives the lovers his blessings, and grants them a pass to go through the German lines.

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