Episode #1.2128: Directed by Norman Hall. With James Pritchett, Elizabeth Hubbard, Lydia Bruce, David O’Brien. Maggie makes up with Matt when they get to work. Maggie tells Althea about the tiff she and Matt had because of Althea and John. After Maggie pleads with her to have a different perspective of him, Althea insists that John hasn’t changed. Carolee asks Maggie to let Greta visit the Allisons to cheer up a grounded Billy. When Carolee casually mentions the pregnancy, Maggie asks if Dan knows because the father is always the last to know. Steve walks in as Althea and Carolee discuss her dilemma. Steve reminds Carolee that he’ll be an obstetrician as soon as he passes his orals. Steve confides in Althea that he’s worried about Carolee and hopes he isn’t the cause. Nick recounts for Matt the confrontation with John. When Matt gives him the same advice that Maggie did -stay out of it- Nick wonders if they know something that he doesn’t.

Watch “Доктора” Episode #1.2128 (TV Episode 1971)