Episode #1.9589: Directed by Roy B. Steinberg. With Kyle Brandt, Jason Cook, Bryan Dattilo, Vivian Guzman. Philip and Belle’s dive gets them safely to the docks. Shawn continuous his chocolate fondue with Maya, school friend Penny makes Maya realize he’s still with Belle. Sami won’t even let Marlena know about her nightmare but asks to see Lucas straight away; he just heard Tony expects taking the laser on his yacht will bring him wealth enough for ‘absolute power’. Cassie fixes her slip-up by telling John Marlena was an absent mother. Hearing Philip calls John, Belle realizes they must be in an ISA operation, John comes tell her they’re both agents and swears her to secrecy. Although Belle admits she followed Philip, overprotective dad and bully boss John pulls Philip off the case and ‘promises’ him an ISA desk job, Philip doubts his authority and cloud with Shane Donovan who hand-picked him, and shows proof of his complete success: diamond – and fluid samples, while Maya triumphantly brings the full tube to Tony. Amongst more memories, Sami pushes visitor Tony away, who nearly catches flippant Cassie stealing another kiss from reluctant Lucas, who is surprised Sami treats him like a human now, even grateful and cuddling up to him.

Watch “Days of Our Lives” Episode #1.9589 (TV Episode 2003)